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Misty Talkish,

Executive Director

“My heart’s passion is walking alongside of women, speaking life to feelings of shame, guilt and not enough. Empowering them to see their worth and to know that they matter. When I started working in this field years ago, I had no idea of the impact it would have on my own life and am extremely thankful for the way it has catapulted me into my own healing process. I love getting to witness the life change and growth that happens here at Special Delivery in our mama’s, children, and staff.”

Erica Hamer,

Associate House Manager

“ I love getting to build relationships with each girl. they are strong and resilient in their own way.”


Kelly Brown,

House Manager

"I was a young, single mother myself and i just want to help empower other women the same way people in the past have empowered me. I love that i'm able to walk along side these women in their journey of motherhood."


Heather Lee,

Associate House Manager

“I feel so blessed to work with our amazing team at Special Delivery. I love working with women and children, and I greatly enjoy building relationships with our extraordinary moms as they come through the program and beyond.”

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Maddy Takata,

Community Development

"I started working at Special Delivery four years ago; originally as an intern to serve in the town i grew up in. I had no idea the impact this place would later have on me. I started out doing what i knew how to do-i wanted to make Special Delivery a little more homey for girls who might not of ever had a comfortable or safe place to land. Three years later i have found a passion for the work here-specifically with community development and case management. I love what i get to do in this program but my favorite part will always be the relationships built over time with the residents and to see how strong and empowered they are to end the cycle of homelessness for their family."