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who we are//


A dynamic housing program and community for pregnant women transitioning out of homelessness.

Community Strength and Growth
The vision at Special Delivery is to provide a safe community where holistic healing and connection are possible.  By creating a place where women can explore and embrace their unique stories as part of a sacred journey while removing the barriers to create sustainable, thriving lives for their families. 

what we do//

Special Delivery is a residential program designed to provide a safe, communal living space for pregnant women, ages 18-24, transitioning out of homelessness. Women stay in residence an average of 12 to 18 months.  During this time residents have productivity, program and community requirements.  The productivity requirements are defined in a personalized Independent Living Plan (ILP) focusing on the following key components: health & wellness, stability, community and career & educational development. Active engagement in ILP equips graduates for optimal success.  

“…it’s not just a program, it’s my family.  This is the first real place I have been able to call home…” –I.W. program alumnae  


Special Delivery Alumni are a vibrant part of the program tapestry as they continue to participate, contribute and give back to newer program participants.  Alumni may access resources such as individual therapy, case management, community engagement, tangible resources and crisis support.  special delivery is not a one-time event, it is life journey.


“…it is so nice to always be able to come home..” -B.G. program alumnae



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If you or someone you know between the age of 18-24 is in need of services at Special Delivery please fill out the application linked below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.